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Oil Palm Matured Area (000 Ha)

- The term "matured area" for Indonesia and Malaysia refers to planted areas that are older than 2.5 years.
- Indonesia and Malaysia's matured areas presented are the accumulation of matured oil palm pantation areas managed by smalholders, state, and private enterprises of the same calender year.
- Data for other countries are from Oil World and cited as "harvested area" with the definition: "Harvested areas of oil palm refer to the average mature area of the calendar year."
The data from DITJENBUN, MPOB, and Oil World is in calendar year, USDA data is in marketing year.
- The data from Oil World has been updated with September 2023 edition. 
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Data Sources

Indonesia: Directorate General of Plantation (DITJENBUN) - Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Indonesia
Malaysia: Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
Ghana: USDA per cited by Indexmundi
Other countries: Oil World

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Oil Palm Matured Area

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Oil Palm Matured Area

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